Ear Wax Removal Hendon Location

Ear Wax Removal Hendon Location

Hendon Central, North London. A busy, vibrant community, where you can get nearly all of your healthcare needs attended to. But where do you go if you’re looking for ear wax removal hendon?

Ear Wax Removal Hendon On The Map

Ear Wax Removal Hendon Review

We visited the ear wax removal clinic in Hendon and sat in a comfortable waiting room. There are other health treatments available at the clinic, and while we were waiting we had a look around at the health foods that were on offer. The clinic staff are very pleasant and soon after arriving we were invited into the treatment room.

Expert Ear Wax Removal

Our practitioner explained the procedure and was able to answer all our questions, of which we had many! For instance: Is it safe? Will it hurt? Are there any side effects? What should we do for after care?

There is a comfortable patient couch, and our microsuction ear wax removal practitioner wore some portable ENT microscopes so she could see clearly into the ear canal all the way up to the ear drum. When she located the ear wax blockage, she sucked it out gently using a CE marked medical suction device.

Manual Instrument Ear Wax Removal

There was some really stubborn impacted ear wax in one ear, and despite using sodium bicarbonate ear drops and pharmacy grade olive oil ear drops three times a day for a week, the ear wax was so wedged in at the end the ear drops weren’t able to penetrate all the way through. I had previously visited a different ear wax clinic in Hendon, and when it got near the ear drum the audiologist switched to ear wax irrigation, which I wasn’t really happy with.

Instead, at the clinic at ear wax removal hendon, the lovely practitioner gently and expertly removed the stubborn impacted wax with manual instrument ear wax removal.

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