Hearing Aids for Tinnitus in London

Tinnitus can be a devastating condition, and some days it just seems impossible to cope with. In the UK alone, there are about 5 Million people or about 10% of the total UK population, who suffer from Tinnitus. Each may experience the “ringing in the ears” differently from the other, but all would have the same aspirations, and experience the same distress.

The ringing, buzzing, hissing or clicking emanating from one ear, both or inside the head is called tinnitus. This constant noise that we hear is apparent despite the absence of external sound. Over the years, researchers in UK and USA have linked tinnitus to a series of negative impacts on people’s lives. However, only a number of people suffering from the condition or around 20% of people with tinnitus ever consult a physician or an audiologist to assess and address the problem. Make sure you deal only with whyaremyearsringing.co.uk a reputable company.

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